September 11, 2012

I'm Sorry to Say This But...

Google Adwords is not really working for me.
First I wanted to use Google Adwords to publicize my blogs, that was maybe three years ago, but then I thought to myself, hey, I'm going to use money to get readers? Really?
So I decided not to do it.
Next, almost two years ago I started to sell ebooks (at the site, they're really nice guys, but that's not our topic for today...).
About a year ago I managed to convince Shlomit Guy (site in Hebrew) to sell her book also as an ebook in the Mendele store (it's a book about her adventures with English Soccer, which is actually called Football, but that is also not our topic for today...)
It sold for 40 NIS (about 10$), while selling at the stores the print version for 89 NIS (about 20$), I thought it was a bargain.
I advertised it for about two months, spending a bit more than 600 NIS (more than 150$) on the campaign. The result - one copy sold. The next quarter, no campaign, and again - one copy sold.
Right now I'm running an Adwords campaign for my book (kindle edition), so far it looks like the results are not much better...
So this whole theory about how if only you spend less on Google Adwords than you actually sell, and how that can make you into an instant millionaire? maybe some day, but apparently not today...

September 4, 2012

I Really Wish Google Books and Google Music...

Would work well in Israel.
It's not that Google books does not work at all. I can search books .
A bit more then twenty years ago, someone told me that if I wanted to improve my bridge, I should read Why you lose at bridge by S J Simon. I did, but sadly it's very hard to find this book now.
Once I could read some of it at Google Books, but now they only tell you about the book, and point you to the Amazon website: 38.95$ is a bit steep for me...
Google books does show some books by Martin Gardner, but you can't buy any books from the site itself (or Google play store, or whatever you want to call it...)
I hope they'd let us use it someday, even in the middle of the middle east.
I have even less to say about Google Music. I just doesn't exist here...