May 1, 2019

I Have No Idea How This Became a Legitimate Opinion

So there is this guy.
His name is Guy Bechor.
He is like a professional orientalist or something.
We get many of those in our country.
I never thought that his assessments were very accurate or fair, but, you know, a guy (Bechor) is entitled to his opinions.
After all he is an expert orientalist.
Then this came up:
Maybe its good that there is no English translation, but lets see what Google Translate makes of this:

The Israeli publicist Guy Bekhor 
justifies antisemitic attacks in the united states. 
The Jews are to blame

For some reason I could only get the title.
But seriously, isn't this title enough to make one angry at the eve of the Israeli Holocaust Commemoration Day?

I Really Had a Plan

I promise.
I had given the matter some thought, and I came up with a plan.
I came up with a cool subject that I wanted to write about in this blog.
Really, a very cool subject!
Sadly, I cannot write about this really cool subject.
Because something more urgent came up.
If all goes well the something that is more urgent will be right on top of this post...

March 30, 2019

Sorry for not writing for such a long time

I am sorry I did not write for such a long time here.
Actually I don't promise to write much in English in the near future, but I do promise to write more in Hebrew in the near future. 
There is a new and exciting project coming up.
If you read the language of the Hebrew Man, I hope will will follow...