December 27, 2012

A Long Long Time Ago

I remember when there used to be a time, say twelve years ago or so, when there were not so many books in English in the bookstores in Israel.
I'm not saying that there were no Pratchett books in the stores at the time, I'm just saying that there was no way of knowing what you'd find in there, and the new hardcover books were REALLY Expansive.
The Truth of the matter is that things did not greatly improve in the past twelve years, but they have somewhat improved.
The big difference was Amazon (including the UK branch). There was a fairly long period of time during which I used to order books from the UK Amazon, and in particular Pratchett books in the hardcover versions.
The delivery did not take long, and there was the knowledge that for a short while you had a book that no one else in Israel had.
But these days are over.
How do I order the new Pratchett books? More about that in the next post.