November 27, 2012

Onwards to Amazon

Nowadays people probably need reminding that the Amazon, is also a name of a river, or that the Amazons were a legendary tribe of female warriors.
Probably no one needs reminding that Amazon is also the name of a leading online retailer.
My relationship with Amazon has known some downs throughout the years, but mostly it has been a good one, with many more successes than failures.
In the next few weeks I intend to explore my relationship with this company, which will lead us forward to other, perhaps greener pastures in the future of this blog,
So stay tuned...

November 20, 2012

I know it's a bit early to make this decision but...

I know it's a bit early to make this decision but I've decided so I might as well share my decision.
I've reviewed Apple, and then Microsoft and then Google, and my next company to review is Amazon, which will be short, or so I think right now, anyway...
Sorry for spoiling the surprise - I have a Kindle Fire, and I'm not too pleased with it, for reasons that I promise to detail soon.
So here's the thing - ever since the iPad came out I started thinking what is the best way to do computing assuming that there are at least four 'sizes' - desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
I think that starting late next year my model is going to be desktop and tablet.
I'm going to get a nexus 7, both for me and for my older son.
My daughter already has a Asus tablet, so it should all work out.
Nexus 7 looks like and affordable way to do what I want to do on the road - mostly games, web surfing, mail and Google Docs.
Will tell you how it all worked out - but that will be more than a year from now!

November 10, 2012

My Browser is Chrome

I can't even explain why I think this new 'Jam with Chrome' app is so great.
I mean We've had tons of music apps for chrome, and it's not like I'm going to start a band now that Jam with Chrome exists.
But it's cool, and it's cheaper then Garage band, and it takes less memory. So you may call me silly, but I like it.
I also really like Chrome, in all of its manifestations - On Linux, On Windows (I've installed it dozens of times just for the day on Ben Gurion University's computers), on iOS (so much easier to handle Gmail through Chrome than through that annoying Mail iOS app...)
I wonder if this Jam with Chrome works for android tablets, because if it does, and probably also if it doesn't...
More about this next week.