November 20, 2012

I know it's a bit early to make this decision but...

I know it's a bit early to make this decision but I've decided so I might as well share my decision.
I've reviewed Apple, and then Microsoft and then Google, and my next company to review is Amazon, which will be short, or so I think right now, anyway...
Sorry for spoiling the surprise - I have a Kindle Fire, and I'm not too pleased with it, for reasons that I promise to detail soon.
So here's the thing - ever since the iPad came out I started thinking what is the best way to do computing assuming that there are at least four 'sizes' - desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.
I think that starting late next year my model is going to be desktop and tablet.
I'm going to get a nexus 7, both for me and for my older son.
My daughter already has a Asus tablet, so it should all work out.
Nexus 7 looks like and affordable way to do what I want to do on the road - mostly games, web surfing, mail and Google Docs.
Will tell you how it all worked out - but that will be more than a year from now!

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