May 1, 2019

I Have No Idea How This Became a Legitimate Opinion

So there is this guy.
His name is Guy Bechor.
He is like a professional orientalist or something.
We get many of those in our country.
I never thought that his assessments were very accurate or fair, but, you know, a guy (Bechor) is entitled to his opinions.
After all he is an expert orientalist.
Then this came up:
Maybe its good that there is no English translation, but lets see what Google Translate makes of this:

The Israeli publicist Guy Bekhor 
justifies antisemitic attacks in the united states. 
The Jews are to blame

For some reason I could only get the title.
But seriously, isn't this title enough to make one angry at the eve of the Israeli Holocaust Commemoration Day?

1 comment:

  1. Guy Bechor has a PHD in Middleeastern Studies; however, his thesis dealt with Egyptian Law and not Middleeastern Politics.