August 2, 2011

Coming up next

Despite the dismal record of this blog with regards to future posts in general, and series of future posts in particular, I'd like to declare, hmmm, well, a series of future posts.
You see, for many years I've been a student of Economics (Formally from late 1992 to mid 2003, but informally also ever since). In all those years I've been thinking that there is something broken in Economics.
I don't mean that it's a little thing that is broken, I mean that the whole framework of modern Economics is seriously bent.
Now, if I'm right, this is potentially a huge deal, because unlike other Social Sciences, Economics is used in our everyday decision making process, both on the private level and on the public level.
Thing is this, it's hard to enunciate even what a 'good' Economic Theory would look like, because like I said earlier, the whole framework is bent.
So I propose a series of 'Economic Musings', to be published here in the next few months. Hopefully by the time it is done, it'll all be clearer to all, myself included.
However, next week, I'm in Hungary, after many years of not taking a vacation abroad, so expect the first 'Economic Musing' to be here in two weeks time.
Also, I bet current affairs, and my wavering interest, will sometimes require posts about other subjects, so stay tuned...

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