February 23, 2012

Let Me Start From The End

But first let me explain this picture. When Ehud Barak was the Prime Minister of Israel (1999-2001), he was well known for saying to anyone who spoke at a meeting to 'Start from the End, or Start from the Bottom Line'. I think this exemplifies his somewhat abrasive, but sometimes useful way of thinking, but we have not gathered here to talk of Ehud Barak.
So my 'Start From the End' goes something like this. Last Saturday, I wanted to upgrade my (legally bought) Windows XP to an (illegally downloaded) Windows 7.
I had no problem downloading and installing it. But it ruined my access to the partition of Ubuntu Linux  (11.10) I had.
So no problem. I re-installed Linux, which was a good thing, because I had a zillion partitions, and asked it to install itself on all of the hard drive.
Big mistake. As far as Microsoft is concerned. the shiny new win 7 would not install itself on a partition that is not NTFS. 
Thus, for the first time in something like 17 years, my main computer does not even run Windows.
That tells you something about what I think of Microsoft products right now.
But still, I think Microsoft made some great products over the years, and I have used many of them. 
Let the upcoming series of posts be some sort of a Eulogy to this great company.
And once again, let me Start from the End: I think Microsoft made more great products over the years than Apple has.

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