May 15, 2012

Once I Thought Excel Was a Great Tool

I taught Math or something like Computer Literacy to children several times, in several different schools, to different ages.
For several years I thought that Excel was a great tool for doing that.
I mean, isn't it Great?  you put '1' in Square A2 (you need A1 for the title)
then you put =a2+1 in A3. Then you copy all the way down to A41, and there you have the numbers from 1 to 40, right there...
Then you do them multiplied by 10 in column B, Squared in column C, and Cubed (divided by 10) in column D. Then you do a graph...
So much math. All of it done by the students themselves. takes so little time.
And you can also do Pascal's triangle...
No wonder I thought excel was a great tool.
But this little graph you see above?
I made it with Google Documents.
For starters, I didn't have to pay for the software...

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