July 21, 2014

Intermission- My Book on Kindle

I published my first book on Amazon a bit more than two years ago. So far it's the only book I published there, but I hope to publish more in the next few years (my Hebrew publishing works faster, thanks for asking).
The book is not perfect. Actually it's twice not perfect:
First, because it's my first book, that was published in Hebrew back in 2007. I didn't exactly know what I was doing back then.
Second, because the translation is far from perfect. I translated it myself, and it's the first book I translated, so, again, not perfect...
Nonetheless, it is a cute book, I think.
It used to be that if you published via Kindle Direct Publishing, you could give away your book for free, for five days every quarter. According to Amazon something like 200 people got my book for free this way in the past two years.
Less people actually paid for it, of course.
Nowadays I cannot give it for free, but I can give it for a discounted price, and I am starting tomorrow, for five days.

So you can get your copy over here:


Hope You enjoy it...

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