June 22, 2010

Rethinking This Blog

I've been a (very small and unsuccessful) Israeli publisher for a bit more than three years now.
It may be possible to earn money from old paper publishing, heck it may even be possible to make money from old paper publishing in Israel! However, it takes a lot of time (you have to find the right book, have the right connections, do the right marketing, which involves not very small amounts of cash...) and the chances are not that great.
Then you have the English Speaking World. It is a wonderful world in which (a very small precentage of)  writers make huge amounts of money, or at the very least, a decent number of people can make a decent living off of.
Supposedly this world is right at your doorstep, all you have to do is get an ISBN and put your book in Amazon, right?
Dunno, didn't try, some of my (fairly famous and anyway good writer) friends did try, and sold about ten copies in ten years. OK, they are now known all over the world, albeit by a very small number of people, but you can hardly call this a raging success.
So you got to go out there and introduce yourself. Living in Beer Sheva Israel means you can't just go to your local US TV network and do that. Your book will not be chosen by Oprah. So you got to try something else.
Maybe blogging?

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