July 10, 2011

Explaining this blog part III - General Issues

This took a while!
If any of you are reading my Hebrew blog, then you know that I also did not post there for quite a while, and when I did , recently, I apologized, said that this was partly because of my long period of Hebrew Literature studies at the Ben Gurion University in the Negev (actually in Beer Sheva to be more specific, but that's the name, what can I do?).
So same goes for this blog. It has been a long time when I had to both work and study, and this blog suffered. Now I only have work, and I promise to blog more regularly. Also, I promise to stop saying (after this post) what this blog is going to be about, and start actually blogging.
Truth of the matter?
It took me a long time to start to figure out what to write in this blog and what to write in the Hebrew one. For a long time it was some version of "I'll write the posts in one, and translate them (or some of them) to the other".
But gradually I figured that this blog needs to deal with more global or general Israeli issues (a look from the outside on Israel), while the Hebrew one is more local  / a look from the inside.
So, if you also want to read me Hebrew ramblings, but you can't understand the language, feel free to Google Translate!
Next time, which will be soon, I promise y'all a real post!

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