July 19, 2011

So I've been using Google Plus for a week now

Here are some of my thoughts regarding that.
I think my Google Plus story so far says more about me than about it. You see, I've come into Myspace as a fan of some alternative Arab Rock artists. From there I've joined Facebook, because many of my Montreal High school friends have been in it.

When I've joined Facebook in 2007 it was new in Israel, but hardly a new phenomenon in the US.
With Google Plus it was all different. I wanted to join the day it was founded, but they would not let me. Then last week one of my Gmail friends (someone who studied creative writing with me three years ago), asked if anyone wanted invitations.
Others said "why?"
I said: "Yesss!"

So here I am, a week later, 233 people I've added to my circles, 40 people have added me to theirs.
What does this say about me?
Dunno, probably not very good things.
Why did I become such an active socialite?
Also dunno, but I like my Google Plus feed wayyyy better than my Facebook feed.
Hope all my Facebook friends will join me, but realistically, that will take years, if ever...

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