October 25, 2011

Actually This blog is not Supposed to be about Economics

Since I'm a small Israeli Ebook publisher, I'm not only supposed to have thoughts on matters related directly to Economics, but also on matters having to do with Literature.
That's why I want to talk about Business and Computers for a short while now.
Wait, What?
Yes, I think that the Ebook revolution is a huge deal, not only to book publishing, but also to human civilization as a whole.
The reason I wrote about Economics so far is that I studied economics, but found that Economic Analysis alone does a very poor job at writing books for publishing, at picking up which books to publish, but also at actually marketing and selling the books.
I'm not saying I'm a roaring commercial success, but four years of being a publisher at least taught me a few things that I should NOT do, but more about that later.
For now, that is for the next few weeks, I want to talk about some of the past and present leaders of the Software Industry, because that will lead to talking about Ebooks...

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