October 21, 2011

Kosher Mexican Food in Beer Sheva

This just occured to me the other day.
While is is very obvious that Tel Aviv is the food capital of Israel, so much so that many Israeli restaurant review sites don't even bother publshing reviews for any other places (which is a subject for a future post maybe), there are many more Mexican/Tortilla places in Beer Sheva, most of them Kosher, and I can't even think of one that exists in Tel Aviv currently.
For example you can chack out this site (if you can read Hebrew), and you will see that this franchise has three branches of Kosher Tortillas in Beer Sheva, and it plans on opening the fourth branch in Hadera (a small city north of Tel Aviv, so smaller and further from Beer Sheva).
Why is that?
You may reply, if you know the food fads of Israel, that Tortillas were a craze in Tel Aviv too three or four years ago, and then most businesses just moved on, but this does not explain why it stuck in Beer Sheva!
The two explanations me and my wife thought of are that cheaper food sells better in Beer Sheva, and that beer Shevans on the average like spicy food better that Tel Avivians. Both may be true, but it still make you wonder...

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