January 17, 2012

How I Got an iPhone 4

So I had my iPhone 3GS for almost a year, not a bad machine, like I said last week.
Then my daughter had this great idea on one of the cooler days last October. Why not go to Anabeh park? I liked this thought: I spend one afternoon a week with my kids (my son likes to play with my iPhone at least half that time), and the Anabeh park is a mere 20 minute walk from their school.
Here is a picture of the park:

See the lake in the middle? That's our suspect. Because right after we rented a boat (again my daughters' idea) see suggested that we steer it so that we'll be at the business end of the fountain that you see in the middle of the lake. Even though my phone was in a fairly watertight bag it started acting funny after that.
I asked for it to be sent for a checkup at the lab, next thing I know I get an iPhone 4 back!
Needless to say I was very pleased, and the rest of the staff at my cell carrier were a bit pissed: "How come you got that, and we didn't? What did you say was your problem? What was it exactly? We want to say the same thing!"
What can I say, the iPhone 4? Not a bad machine.

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