January 24, 2012

A Surprising Conclusion

Honestly, when I started writing this series of posts, or even when I wrote last week's post, I did not think that this would be the conclusion of this series of posts about me and the different Apple products I use, but here it is:
I think my next desktop is going to be a Mac Mini.
The reason for this is the new iBooks software and the new authoring tools issued by Apple.
Now the funny part, the part that made me think a lot is why I'm going to do this. You see, I'm annoyed about the Apple EULA as much as the next guy, and I'm annoyed at the fact that I can't BUY books from iBooks (or from Google Books for that matter) probably more than the next guy.
So why am I willing to go along with this?
For two main reasons:
  1. I think the books that I plan to write and sell are important enough that I will use the best available (and cheap or free) tools to make them.
  2. I'm sure I can use the Apple software and then somehow export the files to a format that I can sell on other bookstores.
This whole thing taught me that I have my own ideology, and that it is not directly related to Apple's 'Style' ideology, or the Linux 'Open' ideology. I mean I don't mind Style, and I certainly don't mind Open, but this is not what I'm about.
What am I about? we'll get to that in a few months...

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