March 13, 2012

Back is 1986 CP/M Was Too Cool For Me

I've already written here before about my Commodore 128. I don't really remember the store I bought it from, only that it looked more like vegetable store than, say, an iStore.
I also don't remember exactly how much it had cost. I think it was something like 300 Canadian dollars. BTW, oddly enough a lot of my Canadian friends did not own computers, and the school certainly didn't (besides the management and the Librarian's computer for the book catalog).
This Commodore 128 came with a floppy disk drive, and I remember I could buy a hard disk for another 300 (Canadian) dollars or so and CP/M for another 300. 
I seriously considered all of this, but I decided against it. I had a little money of my own at the time, but this all seemed like too much, and I had no clear use for it.
Which starts to make my point. DOS was a seriously good invention!

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