March 22, 2012

MS DOS Can Set You Free

Just so everyone will know what I'm talking about. DOS - stands for Disk Operating System, and MS stands for Microsoft.
So back in the 1990s all computers came with DOS (Here in Israel litarally all of them came with MS-DOS, but I guess in the US some other flavors such as DR-DOS were at least a little popular...)
Truth of the Matter, I didn't know a lot of DOS, only something like three commands:
  1. DIR meant directory, it showed you all the files (and directories) in a certain directory (now it's called a folder).
  2. CD meant Change Directory. CD.. meant go up one level in the file structure.
  3. Writing the name of an .exe file (something like rayman.exe) ran that file
  4. Oh, and RM removed files, but I was always too scared to use it...
So back in the day, anyone who knew as much as I did could infer the entire file structure of the computer in a few minutes. Sure, there were no impressive icons, and the resolution was not that of the New iPad, but can anyone tell what the file structure of that is?
Kind of makes you wander about Big Brother...

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