July 18, 2012

Using Google docs - Part I - My First Google Doc

I guess that just like the rest of us I use Google products such as Google Search, or Google image search, or even Google maps occasionally.
Google Docs is very different. It is my main word processor (I only use the spreadsheet, presentation, and drawing programs rarely, still haven't figured out what the charts are good for...) and thus I use it almost every day. 
Looking just now at the list of my 'recent' Google drive files, I must have more than a thousand docs in there, maybe two thousand, and about a half were written originally on Docs.
But you never forget your first one, right?
So my first Google Doc is a business plan from February 2009. It's a plan to market a computer game, and it came to nothing (so far).
But the convenience! I typed it on my computer, and my prospective business partner (who also happens to be my uncle) could see it on his computer, and edit it, and I could see his edits, and so on!
I thought it way cool at the time.
I still think so today...

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