July 1, 2015

Added in Translation

I have written in my Hebrew blog earlier this week, which is already a cause for celebration.
The point is that what I have written is a justification for what I plan to do in my Hebrew blog from now on for the next while.
What I plan to do in my Hebrew blog for the next while is to write out an Israeli left wing ideology.
What I have written is that the loss of the Israeli left wing in the last elections (last March), was all my fault.
It all referred to a Hebrew video by the once famous Hachamishia Hakamerit (chamber quintet), where one of the members explains in a serious monologue why Israel's loss in the Lebanon war (1982-2000) was all his fault.
as far as I know, there is no translation for this video, so I provide it here in the original, perhaps it will help to elucidate my point even in English...

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