July 16, 2015

More or Less Chronologically

I'm going to make a gross generalization now, and I don't care so much.

According to this generalization the difference between the political left wing and the political right wing is as follows:

- The left wing has a bold and shiny plan for a bold and shiny future

- And the right wing wished to return to an imagined past, where everything was fine.

According to this gross generalization, the problem with the left wing is that the bold and shiny future it offers us might include all kinds of problems we didn't think of (as far as I understand, this is the problem that the Israeli right wing has with the Oslo accords, and both the Israeli and the US right wing have with the recent deal with Iran).

The problems with the right wing are that the past it offers us did not really happen (this is just a problem with the truth value of these claims, not necessarily with their efficiency a political agenda), and that the imagined past does not fit present day problems and concerns (this is the main problem of Israeli society at least in the past decade, in my opinion).

Therefore, I'll try to create a left wing agenda while considering the past (the real one as far as we can tell), while trying to learn from it as much as possible, in order to avoid mistakes in the future.

The order of the posts from now on (at least in the near future) will be more or less chronological).

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