June 7, 2012

Once I thought Internet Explorer 4 Was The Coolest Browser Ever!

The year was 1998, and I was working for a medical software company (not sure I can say what it was, and it sure sounds much cooler when it's a secret).
I was sitting in front of the computer something like eight hours a day, and since I had no girlfriend at the time, I went back home and browsed some more...
Once I even heard of something called an MP3 file. Supposedly, if you could download such a file, it would give you be a three minute song, with only 4 megs (as opposed to something like 40 megs for a 'regular' audio file).
Can't say I found that many at the time, but the idea was way cool!
Where did I get this idea? From the Economist web site!
How did I browse it? With IE 4!
Plus IE4 had Channels! Way Cool!
In 2004 I switched to Firefox, in 2008 I switched to Chrome. Never looked back.
Wait, actually I DID look back several weeks ago at IE 10. I'm staying with chrome!

I know this is the 'old' chrome picture, but I liked it better...

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